Regular Cleaning from 60€

Cleaning of external surfaces in all rooms. (Not in cupboards and drawers). Vacuuming of floors, carpets and wet drying where we can.


wiping surfaces, including cooktops, work/wall surfaces and inside empty fridge/freezer. We also wipe the oven/microwave (Only simple wiping the inside of the oven, no deep cleaning)


Shower/bathtub, sink, toilet, mirror and trash can. (Floor well if needed and if we have access, the owner of the home is responsible for it being accessible, not joint cleaning in the bathroom)


We wash your bed linen and towels, two machine washes included on site. In addition to these two, €15/machine is added. If washing machine is missing we take out a cost of 15€/machine. (We do not iron bed linen)

If the laundry does not have time to dry on site before a possible guest arrives, we will take it with us and leave it at a later time.

We assume that the residence is left as below:

  • No pile of dirty dishes are left

  • Clean dishes from the dishwasher have been put into the cupboards (if possible)

  • Kitchen appliances have been put back in cupboards

  • Oven and microwave are left in reasonably good condition.

  • All rubbish is thrown away, even in the bathroom.

  • Bed linen and dry towels are placed next to the washing machine in piles or in baskets. Wet towels can be left hanging

Please note!

  • If the home requires more than everyday cleaning, we charge for cleaning per hour.

Outdoor Cleaning 25€ /started hour

Balcony, Terrace, windows, Balustrades etc

Please note!

  • We do not charge less than 2 hours of cleaning
  • If the patio is particularly dirty, for example in the presence of cat litter, an additional fee of €30 will be charged.
Städning av bostaden

To determine the exact price, we need to visit your home first. 

Price example below of the costs.

If you have a house, the prices may differ

slightly if there are larger areas.



1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom


2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom


2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom


3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom


3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom


Make the beds/Bedroom


Other cleaning started hour


Cleaning for handover of residence

Contact us

Do you have more bed/bathrooms?

Contact us and we will book a customer meeting, so we can look at your home and then get back with a price.

Please note!

The purchase of "bedding" must be combined with another service.

Purchase of individual laundry service cannot be purchased separately but only combined with cleaning.

If you choose an hourly price for cleaning, the laundry costs €15/machine.